Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oddball Charity Blankets

Members of the Knitting Help Forum have been working diligently together to create Oddball Blankets to give to charity.

"Shandeh" in North Carolina came up with the idea, and it soon took root and blossomed in the forum. Now, there are more than 200 knitters involved in the project all over the United States and Canada. Cool!

We have decided to give our large blankets to an international orphanage. One of our blankets is 100% wool, so it will be given to a charity organization that requires wool (or other animal fiber). Our lapghans are going to a rape crisis center in North Carolina, our baby blankets are going to hospitals, and our pet snuggles are going to animal shelters.

Each blanket is growing to be a beautiful finished project!

Blanket #1
Blanket #1 Handoff

Blanket #2
Oddball Blanket #2 Complete

Blanket #3
Oddball Blanket #3 after Lestrella

Blanket #4
#4 Almost Complete

Blanket #5
Oddball Blanket #5 with Recipient

Oddball Lapghan #1:
Oddball Lapghan #1 - FINISHED!

Oddball Lapghan #2:
Oddball Lapghan #2 - FINISHED

Oddball Orphan Blanket:
Orphan Blanket Finished

Here is a link to the Knitting Help Forum: http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/forum/index.php

And here are links to each of the Oddball Blanket discussions:
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I am so pleased that our Oddball Knitting Projects are so successful! Right now, there are over 200 knitters involved in making Oddball charity projects in the US, Canada, England, and Australia! :) So, I would like to post some guidelines here for public use.

Feel free to start your own Oddball Charity Knitting group, with a little help from these charts I've made. They took a LONG time to put together, so take advantage of my work! :D

Oddball Blanket Guidelines:

I've also made a chart for making blankets for the Snuggles Pet Blanket sizes:

If you prefer to have your group knit squares, here's a chart to help with that:


Anonymous said...


I think your Odball Charity Blankets are such a great idea and I would love to start one.
Can you give me any advice?


Shandeh said...

Hi Jo!

You're welcome to use my idea to start a charity blanket in your area. Before you start, you should have some idea of where the blanket will be donated. Then, check with them to see what size blankets they need.

When you start the blanket, you'll need to cast on 200-300 stitches, depending on how wide you want the blanket to be. (Use a long circular needle to make it all fit.) Then, knit for about 4 inches, being careful to leave a small border of knit stitches at the bottom and on the sides. Leave the project on the needles, so it's ready for the next knitter to add their yarn.

You'll need a group of 20-25 knitters, each committed to knitting 3 or 4 inches on the blanket. (Decide ahead of time how long you want the blanket to be, to figure out how many inches each knitter will add.)

Make sure you have their contact information, so you can check on the blanket's progress. (Sometimes people forget they have it, in the midst of their personal lives.)

It's really good if you can take photos of the blanket in progress, and have a journal that travels with the blanket, for the knitters to share their story about knitting on the project.

When the blanket is complete, it is best to have someone add a crochet border, to give it a look of completion.

Good luck!